Free Airport Shuttle 24 Hour Pickup / Dropoff

Airport Parking Auckland


Auckland Airport Parking Services

Valet Parking

This where we park the car for you. We keep the key and park the car according to our allocation system. Your vehicle may be moved to our long or short term stay facility. In the event it is moved ,the maximum your car will do is 5km between our premises. This is the cheapest option.

Allocated Parking

This is where we allocate you one car park.You park your car on this allocated spot and take your key with you. Your car will not be moved from this spot.

Whichever airport parking option you choose, Park & Fly will personally drop you right at the terminal door,. One of our free shuttles will be available to take you to the terminal.

Car Care Services

We'll get your car in tip-top condition with our on-site valet services. One less job to do on your return home!

We offer a range of car care services including:

  • Wash 'n wax
  • Clean wheels and door
  • Tyre shine and freshner
  • Dashboard shined and door trim
  • Vacuum interior and boot
  • Windows inside and out polish

Electric Vehicle Charging

Currently this service is on hold until further notice.