Free Airport Shuttle 24 Hour Pickup / Dropoff

Airport Parking Auckland

Frequent Airport Parking Questions

What are our opening hours?

We never close. We are open everyday of the year including Christmas day.

How do I get to the airport from “PARK ‘N FLY”?

We have a free continuous shuttle service from our premises to all terminals, Domestic and International Airport.Please call on 09-2570992 when you are ready for pick up from the terminals.

Do you wait for me at the airport when I come back?

No.You have to call us once you are out and ready to be picked up. Our shuttle will come and pick you up.

What are the parking rates and charges?

All our current rates and charges are on our website. Please enter the dates and times, car make and model to get the quote. Rates are subject to change anytime without notice. If we provide a phone quote, the phone quote is valid at the time of the phone call only. Rate is only guaranteed when a booking is confirmed.

Do I have to wait for long before you take me to the airport?

All depends on the day, the traffic flow, the flight arrivals and departures and number of people we have to transfer. We have a continuous shuttle service, 24 hours , seven days.

How much time should I allow to be at “PARK ‘N FLY”?

Please allow:

-at least 45 minutes prior to your check in time for Domestic flight

-at least 60minutes prior to your check in time for International flight

to be at Park N Fly office.

Do you take credit cards for payment?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Eftpos or Cash. A surcharge applies for all online and credit card transactions regardless of a debit of credit card. Eftpos transactions are free of charge.

My flight arrives at midnight, will you pick me up?


Are you open on public holidays including Christmas Day?

We are open everyday of the year including Christmas day.

Will you pick my car up from the terminal?

Yes we can. For kerbside pick up, a service fee applies. Please check website for current Kerbside service rates.

I have parked my car already and have to extend my trip now. What do I do?

You have to advise us at least 24 hours in advance via email.

Do I get a refund if I arrive earlier than expected?

Early returns must be notified at least 24 hours in advance for us to get your car ready. There are no refunds if you pick up earlier than the date and time have given us. We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover for unexpected events.

Where is PARK 'N FLY located?

PARK 'N FLY is located at 26 Airpark Dr, Auckland Airport 2022.

How far is PARK 'N FLY's airport parking faility from Auckland Airport?

We are approximately 1.2 kilometres from the main terminals.We are the closest of all off-parking facility to Auckland Airport.Its only a few minutes drive.

How do I get to the airport from “PARK ‘N FLY”?

We have a free shuttle transfer service to and from all terminals 24/7 daily.

What is the opening and closing time for PARK N FLY?

We are open 24 hours, 7 days everyday of the year including all public holidays even Christmas day.

How much time should I allow to be at PARK \'N FLY?

PARK 'N FLY recommends you be with us at least 60 minutes before check in time. It is entirely your responsibility to allow for traffic conditions, unexpected traffic hold-ups, weather, flight delays or other unplanned delays.For international check in, you need to be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure time. For Domestic you need to check in at least 60 minutes prior to departure.

How do I make a booking?

All bookings can be made via our website. An online booking will save you time when checking in as all details will be in our system and you will be familiar with our terms and conditions.You do not need a credit card to book online.

When do I pay?

We do not take an deposits or advance payments.You just pay us on the day you come into park. We accept visa , mastercard, eftpos or cash.

Do I need to fill in a Vehicle Check In Form?

Vehicle check in forms are available from our check in counter.Please ask for one upon check in.This form is an outline of a vehicle, on it you can mark any dents,contents of your vehicle, damages, etc.It is entirely your personal choice to fill one in.Our staff will check the vehicle with you.We recommend you do fill one in.We offer a professional level of service and have great pride in running PARK N FLY and would like our clients to have a peace of mind using our facility.

Can small children travel on PARK \'N FLY shuttles?

If you are travelling with children that require child safety seat, please drop them off to the terminal first with an accompanying adult prior to your visit to our facility.Our shuttles do not have child seats on board, just standard seat belts. You are most welcome to use your seat on our shuttles.

I am going on the Cruise Ship and need to store my vehicle. Do you have transfer services to city from your location?

Yes we do cater for Cruise ship parking. We can arrange transfers from our location to Princes Wharf, Jellicoe Wharf, Queens Wharf and Ferry Terminal. Please note transfers to city will be an additional $145 each way per car (maximum of 5 pax per car.Additional pax at $25 per pax). Cruise transfers must be booked in advance.