26 Airpark Drive, Auckland Airport.

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Please read our full terms and condtions herein.




1. You must comply with all rules and directions displayed within the Carpark and any directions given to you by our staff.

2. You must pay us all the parking charges and other costs we may incur in relation to the vehicle upon demand. We reserve the right to retain possession of the vehicle until all due charges are paid for including any costs incurred by us in respect of the vehicle. Parking fees will continue to accrue during the period we retain the vehicle until we recover all fees and costs. If vehicle has to be removed by us to another location , all costs will have to be paid by you. If amount due is unpaid after 30 days, you agree that we can sell the vehicle and you agree to take steps required by us to permit us to do so.

3. We reserve the right to enter the vehicle and move it. You agree that we have no liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of entering and moving the vehicle.

4. You are liable for any damage caused by you or the vehicle to the carpark including but not limited to any damage caused by oil or  other substance which leak from your vehicle.

5.  We warrant that any services provided by us will be rendered with due care and skill.We make no other express warranties in relation to the services we provide. All other warranties , representations and conditions relating to the services are to the maximum extent permitted by law expressly excluded.

6. You acknowledge that we are not liable to you or your passengers or any other party for any loss, damage, injury, consequential losses, indirect, special, or economic loss or damage whether to person or property including the vehicle and whether arising from default, negligence, misconduct or otherwise by us, our employees and agents. We will not be held responsible for loss/damage to baggage and its contents.Our insurance does not cover for your vehicle or its contents at any time.

While we take all care , we cannot guarantee the security of your vehicle/contents.We accept no liability for any claim by you or any other persons including your insurer for any loss/damage.

7. You acknowledge we may deliver the vehicle to any persons producing the invoice issued to you or producing other evidence of entitlement satisfactory to us.

8. You indemnify us and agree to keep us indemnified against all losses which we may suffer arising from or in any way relating a breach of terms by you, the vehicle, or the use of car park by you and your passengers or any other party authorised by you.

9. We reserve the right to store your vehicle at any of our premises leased or owned by us . Movement and allocation of vehicle is at our discretion.

10. You must check all details of drop off and pick up times upon check in.Dates supplied and signed for on our agreement is deemed to have been checked by you and deemed correct. You agree to notify us any change of arrival dates, time and flight number in writing via email at least 24 hours in advance.If you do turn up early without notification, additional charges will apply.

11. Any complaints/disputes arising out of our services including but not limited to additional services including car valets must to reported to us at the time of collection of vehicle.Complaint must be in writing on our Compliants form.

12. We offer a continuous shuttle service and transfers are first come , first serve basis. If you need special assistance for transfers , please email us your request 48 hours in advance.  We will not be responsible/liable for any cancellations, curtailment, late collection/pick up by reason of congestion at airports, changes or cancellations by airlines, technical problems to transport,closure of airport, roadworks, civil war, wars, fire, weather conditions and or any similiar circumstances beyond our control.We cannot and will not accept responsibility where the prompt performance of this service/contract is affected as a result of circumstances beyond our or your control.                                                          

13. Free shuttle transfer includes one transfer to the terminal and one from the terminal only. Any additional transfer requests including us having to deliver property will incur additional charges.

14. Rate and terms/conditions subject to change without notice.

15.We have zero tolerance to staff abuse. We will not entertain any abusive customers and you will be refused entry in our carparks and will be refused our shuttle services.

16. We are not a common public carpark and may refuse any person/s whether or not a booking/payment has been accepted or processed by us, without any obligation tp provide reasons for such refusal.

17. A client may be refused entry or requested to leave carpark if : client is in breach of these terms and conditions, objectionable to other clients, or is , for any reason , disturbing, causing discomfort to or threarening the safety and security of other clients or the carpark; the client is under thr influence of alcohol or drugs or is not physically or mentally fit.We will not be liable for any Loss which the client incurs as a result.

18. Our employees are not authorised to accept any of your luggae/possessions for safe keeping except just your car key, where possession is at our request.

19.By booking on this website and entering our carpark to use our services , you agree to our terms and conditions of using our services.  These terms and conditions apply 24 hours/7 days.You hereby also bind the owner of the vehicle you are storing at our premises to all these terms and conditions and warrant your authority to do so.

20.The vehicle you are storing with us must have a current warrant of fitness (WOF or COF),registration , be roadworthy , be driveable on its own including having proper brakes and cause no risk to the carpark or persons or other vehicles.

21.Vehicle Check In Form - Is available at our check in desk. It is the clients responsibility to mark any existing vehicle condition  and hand in upon check.Failure to fill in a vehicle check in form will waiver your rights for any damage claims.

22.Baggage Handling - We will not be responsible for any damaged bags or its contents during loading/unloading.